Sunday, March 25, 2012

20 Shot Story

Since our 20 Shot Stories are due soon, I figured I would write my thoughts about them. At first I was a little optimistic about doing it. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. Initially, it was a little harder then I anticipated to get the storyboard drawn out. My short story was "The Yellow Wallpaper" and it's a rather long..short story (; It was hard to decide what exactly to use in our 20 shots. It's important to make sure that the audience fully grasps the story. Sometimes I tend to forget that just because my group read it, doesn't mean that everyone else has. Once we had the beginning sketched out, it got a little easier by the end. I think we did a good job as a group putting the storyboard together, especially picking out what is important to use in our shots. Hopefully the final product will run just as smoothly as everything else so far (: 

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  1. I agree! especially since you were in my group :) I thought out storyboard was the most important part for getting everyone's opinions and thoughts on what we should emphasize or leave out. I think our collaboration and though process showed in the final project and really getting the message through!