Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Advanced Aviary

Since I did a presentation Monday on advanced aviary, I decided to include it in my blog for anyone that wanted more information on it. The site is an editing site that can be used mostly for editing pictures and creating audio. After spending some time working on the site, I was able to create a pro's and con's list:

  • The website is free! Always a great start (:
  • It is really easy to register for an account, all you need is an email account and need to create a password. 
  • The tools allow you to create pictures as well as edit any of your own.
  • There is a "Help" section that answers a lot of commonly asked questions.
  • There is also a blog especially for advanced aviary, where people share tips and ideas.
  • It allows you to save all of your work on your account.
  • For beginners, the site is pretty advanced. While it does have tutorials, it doesn't exactly tell you how to use the tools. 
  • There are so many tools and different pages that I found it almost overwhelming. 
  • Some of my creations would not save on the computer because they were too big or could not save in the format I needed. 
  • For teachers, I'm not really sure if this could be used in a classroom for much, especially with how advanced it is.
Recently though, I found out there is a basic aviary webpage that seems a little easier to use. I think this site would be great for personal use. I think it would be fun to use when I have some free time and want to enhance some of my pictures. For people on Facebook, it is really similar to picnik. I think it would be fun to use this site to create a book cover, but it would have to be with a class that has advanced skills with technology. 

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  1. I agree with how you felt about this website. Firstly, I'm excited to use it for my personal use in enhancing pictures! However, I do not see how it could be very useful in the classroom, other than what you mentioned in class.