Thursday, February 23, 2012

Creative Lesson Plans

In class, we have had the opportunity to see many lesson plans and see how they could be incorporated into the classroom. One that I remember well was the lesson about the story trees. The idea is for the students to think creatively with one another to create a story. I liked this lesson because it allowed students to choose the direction that they wanted to take the story. It also allowed students to not only start their own story, but build off their peers' stories as well. I think this would be a great ice breaker for a new class. It will encourage student interaction not necessarily face to face, but through their online story trees! This lesson would also be great because some students really thrive with their creative edge. Allowing these students to have an outlet for their creativity is always a great experience. I think that the students and teacher alike would be able to learn things about one another. Students would really engage in this lesson because it is giving them the freedom to choose their own path.

In my Young Adult Literature class last week, our professor told us that one of the days was a free range, arts and crafts sort of day. We got to use glue sticks, scissors, and construction paper to create a book cover. Even  though I'm in college, I must say it was a nice break to have that slow day. After we were done with the craft we were allowed to look at things posted around the room or do a free write in our journal about the book we had read. Having that opportunity to chose what I wanted to do and at what pace to do it was really refreshing! So if I enjoyed an activity like that, I am positive high school age students would as well! (: 

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