Friday, February 3, 2012

Variety of Students

Currently this semester, I am also taking a Special Education class. I have just finished up my second week of the new semester and already I have learned so much. I never really thought about how, as a future teacher, I need to be equipped in understanding all types of students. Each year, a whole new group of students will be joining my classroom so I better prepare myself! Otherwise I'm not going to be able to assist each student in the way they need for the best possible environment for learning.

In this class, we have just scratched the surface of all the different types of disabilities that a teacher may encounter. We were provided with a handout which can be used as a great, quick reference if ever needed! I was able to find the website for the organization and wanted to share it with you all. I would definitely recommend that you at take a glance at it and even print it out. This website provides the thirteen classifications of disabilities, how they can be identified, and other special services. Having this pamphlet with let me be knowledgeable and have a better understanding for when I do have students with disabilities. I think this is really important because it enables the teacher to create an environment where this student and all the other students can learn in the best capacity. I have included the link below! ( :

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities 


  1. Thanks for sharing this valuable source. Having knowledge up front about working with students who have disabilities is so necessary.

  2. Interesting! I admit this is a subject I am pretty ignorant about.