Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stop. Shoot. Send Presentation

So for those of you in my class, you know that I did my presentation on Monday for the "Stop. Shoot. Send" lesson plan. I really think that this lesson would be beneficial to use inside class. I think the students will really enjoy doing this because it involves something that most of us are addicted to..our phones! When was the last time ANY high school teacher ever ENCOURAGED students to use their phones!? I think this lesson would allow the students to engage into the project, learn about photography, study the importance and emphasis of words, and how to narrow down a broad description. Another great way that this lesson can be used is if you are teaching a section on poetry. It reminds me of a type of freestyle/haiku sort of poem and I think that this would be a good intro into teaching those. All in all I guess what I'm trying to say is that I would suggest this to anyone who wants a fun lesson involving technology. It is very modern and I certainly think it would help you gain some brownie points with the students (; I know I would have loved to do this lesson in high school and I hope that if any of you do try it, will get the same results! (Check below for links)

The point of this blog is to give some of the links that I had in my power point for a quick reference for you guys! I realize that papers/handouts can be lost in a sea of other papers that you get from class so in case you lose it, they will be here! 

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