Friday, February 17, 2012

Taking Initiative

I decided it was time to check out some of the websites that our books provide for us. There are thousands of sites available buts what's nice for us is the books found some that are aimed for educators. Whether that means they are user friendly, free, or available to students...all of it is really beneficial if taken advantage of! Without further ado... here are the ones I checked out so far.
1. PBworks:
    PBworks seems like a really great websites to use not only in a classroom, but in the business field. It acts similar to a wikispace because it is essentially a giant website for collaboration. It allows you to create a username and have so many users access your data. The site suggests that it is a great tool when used to collaborate between students and parents. It allows you to post documents, add links, embed videos and many more. There is a free trial of it which gives you limited access but if interested, that would be a good start to see if you like it or not. To subscribe for a classroom for 1 year would be $99 and to subscribe for an entire campus would be $799 a year. 

2. Clipboard
    Initially I was looking up but that site is being taken down and it directed me to clipboard instead. I liked this site because it allows you to highlight portions of websites that you want to keep and saves them for you. I think that this would be a great organizational tool for everyday use and even studying. Not sure how it could be incorporated into a classroom but I'm sure there could be a way (:

These sites and many others were found in the Hick's book, chapters two and three. Enjoy!


  1. Julie,

    Will you show us clipboard sometime? Have you tried using it or did you just look at it? This sounds interesting as a means for multimedia presentations.

    1. Sure I definitely could! Out of the two websites I checked out this one was my favorite (: