Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cultural Clash

My friend, knowing I'm an English major, sent me a link to a Youtube video that he found. It's a video of an English teacher rapping Shakespeare with a student, a rap battle to be exact! I watched this video and realized the importance and value of having different cultures collide. If students feel that they can't relate to hard material, such as Shakespeare, there are different methods that can be incorporated. I think that the rapping is a phenomenal idea. It's out of the box and allows students a different outlet, an artistic one, to mix in with English. In my Young Adult Lit class, we had a brief speaker come in who did something very similar. For extra credit in one of her classes, this speaker memorized part of a Shakespeare play, put it to music, and rapped to it. She told us how she helped out at a school program and taught students how they could do this with other pieces of literature. I love this idea because it is not something that is typically done and students could really relate to this. There are kids that really respond to things such as music, art, technology, etc. Clearly, because of this, there is such a need to take some of these ideas and run with them. Creativity is something that the world can never have enough of (: 

Here's the link to the Rapping Youtube Video!

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