Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Group Lesson Plan!

I finally got the chance to co-create a lesson plan and it was a lot of fun! (: I would definitely use fakebook in class for the following reasons:

  • It is creative
  • Involves a close reading of the text
  • Easy to monitor
  • User Friendly
  • Unique for each student
  • Something students are familiar with
  • Involves Non Print Media!
After reading a lot of the comments, I found some things that I would change. A lot of people said that three statuses/interactions a day would be too many. The suggestion was to ask them to have 10 or so by Friday. The problem I see with that is if you are only taking two weeks to teach the book, everything will be very cramped. Like we mentioned in class, if you give students a week to do it, chances are, they will wait until Friday and do all of the statuses/interactions in one sitting. While the project will be complete, they really aren't fulfilling what I say as the purpose. I think having three interactions/statuses a day will keep the students on track. Plus it really won't take any longer then five minutes to complete. As long as they remember their username and password that is (: I appreciate all the ideas/critiques though and I will certainly keep them in mind. I'm looking forward to seeing the other lesson plans. Great job to those who have already gone! (: 

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  1. I really liked your guys' task and the 3 posts/day was one of my concerns but you obviously thought about it and make a good case :)