Wednesday, April 18, 2012


On my way to school today, I took some time to think about all of the tools that we found during class this semester. There were a couple, in particular, that stood out to me as great lesson plan ideas. I actually really liked the 6 Word Story that I presented. I think that that would be an excellent beginning of the year exercise. It is not lengthy by any means, but it is a great introduction to narrowing down larger subjects. It is also very creativity and each students' individuality will be apparent. My groups lesson plan is revolving around the fakebook website. Once again, I think this is another great tool that can be used! It is fun, interactive, and easy to use. Certainly the more user friendly the tools are, the better! Anytime you use technology, a risk is being made. Like in class today, the laptop cart was not working out very well. These things happen and that's just a part of technology. But with that risk, if it works out, you are teaching your students multi-modal ways of learning. I think that a lot of the tools presented could be tweaked to fit into any lesson. It will be interesting to see the ones that I will choose to use as I start making lesson plans! (: 

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  1. I agree and am really excited to see what everyone else chose for their tasks/lesson plans! I also really liked your six-word story and you make a good point about their creativity and the little amount of time it takes will allow them to use it for a number of texts or books.